Soon You Will Be Able To Use The Same WhatsApp account on multiple devices

If this becomes true, then it will be one of the best features so far. It means you’ll be able to use your WhatsApp account on Android, and iOS devices as a standalone app at the same time without any need to log out from any account.

You’ll be able to Use:

==>Your main WhatsApp account on iPad (when the app is launched) without uninstalling it from your iPhone.

==>The same WhatsApp account on Android and iOS devices

==>WhatsApp on your computer (without the necessity for an Internet connection on your phone) using the UWP app.

Currently, WhatsApp Web can be used to access your main WhatsApp account on your desktop, but it requires your smartphone to have an Internet connection.

At the moment, it is still under development and there is no estimated time of launch. The rumor monger has accurately predicted a number of new WhatsApp features in the past which were eventualy released like WhatsApp for KaiOS, and a lot of other features.

Using one phone number to access your WhatsApp on different devices at the same time will be an outstanding feature instead of using WhatsApp web to connect to other devices.


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