Flying Lotus ft Kendrick Lamar – Never Catch Me (Radio Rip)


Super producer Flying Lotus is getting ready to release his new album, You’re Dead, on October 7th, but before he does, he’s got some promoting to do first. Tonight, he’s given the LA Leakers the green light to premiere his new single “Never Catch Me”, featuring fellow Cali native Kendrick Lamar.

While the record will indeed be a part of Flylo’s upcoming album, it may not be the last we hear from these two Cali natives. According to Flylo, “We’ve been working on stuff together. I went on tour and he recorded to a bunch of my songs. I don’t know if he’s gonna use them or not, but he recorded a bunch of stuff, which is why there’s no Captain Murphy album out yet. He took all my beats!”

This lyrical beast may take a few listens to fully digest, but that’s not a bad thing.

What you think of K. Dot’s verse?

Flying Lotus ft Kendrick Lamar – Never Catch Me (Radio Rip)


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