An Old Deal Reportedly Prevents Madonna From Blocking Tupac Letter Sale

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Madonna might not be able to stop the sale.

Madonnawants to block the sale of that Tupac Shakur letter, but it seems like she might have her hands tied.

According to TMZ, Madonna actually had no right to get file legal documents to prevent her former friend from auctioning off a letter that the rapper wrote to the legendary singer. As a result, the former friend is now asking a judge to make sure the sale goes through.

Supposedly, Darlene Lutz, a former art consultant and friend to Madonna, has filed paperwork of her own saying that she and Madonna had previously settled a dispute over ten years ago, with part of the deal being that Darlene gave Madonna cash with the understanding that the singer would never go after Darlene for anything. For her part, Madonna is essentially saying Darlene stole the letter.

The plot has definitely thickened.

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