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Nas’ Baby Mother Reacts To Nicki Minaj Dating Rumors

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Early last week, rappers and fellow Queens natives Nas and Nicki Minaj sparked dating rumors after Minaj posted a photo of the two in Nas’ Sweet Chick restaurant in New York City.

Naturally, the internet had a field day, and some fans took it upon themselves to draw out some thoughts on the situation from Carmen Bryan, Nas’ former girlfriend and the mother of his daughter Destiny.

“How do you feel about Nicki and Nas???” an Instagram user probed under a photo she’d posted.

Her response? “Relieved! I didn’t think my baby father still dated women.”

The ambiguous response definitely turned heads as it seemed to point towards the Grammy-nominated rapper’s sexuality.

However, once prompted, she soon offered an explanation for her previous response.

“U ain’t had to do the man like that,” another user wrote.

“Like what?” she responded. “I’m use to Nas dating 19 yr olds, I’m actually glad to see him dating a woman!”

Well played, Carmen. Well played.

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