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Mampintsha and Wodumo Palava

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Mampintsha and Wodumo Palava

Mampintsha and Wodumo Palava

Mampintsha and Wodumo Palava: Mampintsha, a South African DJ was recently arrested for assaulting his babe, Wodumo.

It started on Instagram with Wodumo posting a live video of him hitting her. Mampintsha was later arrested and in court, he apologized for hitting her and claimed she hit first. History has it that a popular OAP faced backlash from both Wodumo as well as citizens for broadcasting Wodumo’s domestic violence. A few months down the line and Wodumo “splashes” her abuse with a viral video.

Mampintsha in a video accused Wodumo of first hitting me. Then he went on to say he “lived” for her. Immediately after, he said it would not end well for all the parties trying to come between him and Wodumo. For someone that denies violence, isn’t that a threat to the safety of others?

We will agree that it is good omen that they have both parted ways.

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