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LeBron James And John Legend Mesh Up To Produce “Lean On Me” Reboot Series For CW

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lebron James mesh up

Lebron is making himself at home just fine

LeBron James joined the Los Angeles Lakers this Summer, and the NBA All-Star is getting familiar with his life in Hollywood. While I’m certain honing for the up and coming season is on the highest point of LeBron’s need list, he’s as yet staying with occupied with his Production Company SpringHill Entertainment. As announced by Deadline, LeBron is collaborating with John Legend to reboot the Morgan Freeman great hit Lean On Me.

The reboot will come in television arrangement frame, and will move the setting from New Jersey to Ohio. LeBron and Legend are creating the arrangement for the CW, and Freeman’s character will be supplanted by a female lead. The first Lean On Me took after an instructor who is entrusted with helping understudies finish an administration test which will keep Capitol Hill from assuming control over the educational modules. The film was approximately in view of the tale of Joe Louis Clark, a genuine inward city secondary school chief in Paterson, New Jersey. Amarie Baldwin will replace Clark in the arrangement, and she starts to work at a government funded school in Akron, Ohio. Baldwin will confront dramatization inside and outside the classroom, and the show will feature the issues inside the internal city state funded educational systems.

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