Justin Bieber Tells Screaming Fans At UK Show To “Take A Chill Pill”

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During a recent UK tour stop, Justin Bieber asked his screaming fans if they could “take a pill chill.”

A person can get sick of anything, and for Justin Bieber, that thing is the validation of screaming women. At a recent tour stop in Birmingham, UK, the Biebz felt that his fans were interrupting his word flow as he tried to properly introduce his hit song “Company.” In response to the constant stream of screams, Bieber decided to verbally intervene:

“Guys, can you do me a favor? Can you guys just relax for like two seconds? I’m like two feet away from you, I can hear you…I appreciate it, I appreciate all the love, it’s amazing, but can you show it in a different way? Screaming is just so obnoxious.”

Bieber went on to explain to the crowd that he understands our society has normalized screaming at concerts irreversibly, but that for the sake of his ability to communicate, he’d appreciate some brief moments of quiet. Bieber then said, “Enjoy the songs, then scream. Screaming is awesome. Screaming is fun … then take a chill pill for a second and just listen to me speak. I don’t feel like I’m being heard some times and it gets a little frustrating.”

We hope Justin is doing alright. Watch the video below.

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