Justin Bieber Punches Spanish Fan In The Face

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Justin Bieber Punches Spanish Fan In The Face

Last night in Barcelona, Justin Bieber socked a fan in the face.

Canadian superstar Justin Bieber had to take matters into his own hands last night, as a crazed fan in Barcelona attempted to get a grab at Bieber through the window of his car. In video obtained by TMZ, Bieber can be seen punching a Spanish fan through the open window of his car, after the fan sticks his hand into Bieber’s car.

Following the punch, Bieber’s car disappears into the night, but the fan can be seen running amok, shocked at what has transpired. His mouth was bleeding following the altercation, proof that Bieber knows how to pack a punch need be.

Check out the video below. Was Bieber justified in his decision to punch this guy? Might he face consequences?

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