Although Tony Yayo and “Lodi Mack” were eventually convicted for the attack, Henchman sought to make an example out of “Lodi” and ordered a hit on his life, in the weeks following his release from prison in September of 2009. Tony Yayo, who received 10 days of community service in comparison to “Lodi’s” two-year bid, was lucky to evade the wrath of a vengeance-seeking Jimmy Henchman. Henchman was wise enough to consider the causal effect of killing a public figure, but not wise enough to avoid capture in the grander scheme of things.

AllHipHop is reporting that Jimmy Henchmen will serve two consecutive life sentences for ordering the hit. Henchman knew the length of his bid rested on the shoulders of the judge presiding over his case since a guilty conviction was all but decided in 2017 after years of contemplation.