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Is MC Galaxy a Pervert?

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Is MC Galaxy a Pervert

Is MC Galaxy a Pervert

Is MC Galaxy a Pervert: MC Galaxy, a popular (maybe) Nigerian artist who seems to have exhausted his musical fuel, devised a debasing way to celebrate the International women’s day.

As is normal on IG, celebrities do giveaways. MC Galaxy offered 50k giveaway price to girls who could make live video naked and “fingering” themselves. He seemed to be having a swell time with the videos of naked women on his Instagram.

When he got bashed by Toyin Abraham on IG, he claimed that he never asked anyone to go naked and it was the girl’s choosing. He also said his friend awarded the girl the 50k and he has the utmost respect for the female folk.

For someone who claimed to have no idea, he kept urging her on, telling her to show the boobs and that she was already the winner. Other celebrities have asked fans to send in videos freestyling or dancing to a song, why is it that none of the girls that participated made nude videos? Have other celebrities not offered more cash or is there something special about MC Galaxy?

These sick celebrities need to come up with better lie. We are bored of the cliché.

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