Google Celebrates Hip Hop’s 44th Birthday With Interactive DJ Doodle

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Hip Hop turned 44 years old today, and to celebrate the good people at Google created an interactive doodle starring Yo! MTV Raps host Fab 5 Freddy.

After a crash course in the genre’s history, users are given two turntables for mixing a selection of classic records including George Clinton’s “Atomic Dog,” Grandmaster Flash’s “The Message,” and The Isley Brothers’ “Between The Sheets.”

“Today we’re celebrating one of the most important innovations in Hip Hop music: the break,” an animated Freddy says in the intro video. “On August 11, 1973, a DJ named Kool Herc threw a Back to School party in the Boogie Down Bronx that changed music as we know it. Using two turntables, he extended the instrumental breaks, allowing people to dance longer … a style that came to be known as breakdancing.”

In addition to narration by Fab 5 Freddy, the doodle also features a custom logo by graffiti artist Cey Adams.

Watch the video below or head over to Google to spin some records yourself.

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