Davido & Wizkid New Found Friendship Is A Sham

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Davido & Wizkid New Found Friendship Is A Sham

Yes, I said it! Davido and Wizkid’s new friendship does not harbor longevity in its bosom. It is doomed to fail. Now before you go all guns ablazing, let’s look at the facts shall we?

Both music stars have been at loggerhead since time immemorial, the exact cause, no one could ever pinpoint. Could it be that each one considers the other as threat? Some even claim it started when Davido would drink at clubs and leave the brunt of the bill to Wizkid, there are many different versions. Who knows for sure?

Do you remember the Dubai clash between them both? Where their crew/gang went street on each other? And I don’t mean verbally, they went physical on each other! They decided to go shame Nigeria as a whole in Dubai. Pictures were taken, videos recorded, they lierally stained the internet with the stench of their dirty linens.

Before this, they used tweets to shade themselves, mock and cuss out each other. The funny thing is that these two would act all cool when they meet and then go back online to engage in a battle of words. If thats not hatred, I dont know what is. Celebrities close to them claim they do not know the source of the quarrel, they just don’t zing. They are bound to fall out very soon and rekindle the fire of their enemity, 2018 will be no different. Why would it be? What changed? The love just appeared on the 31st? Of course not!

If you attended the 30 billion concert or Wizkid’s concert or streamed live and you believe they finally made peace, well that’s a shame. Have you thought that maybe, just maybe they needed to do something spectacular, something different, something that would shock the people, and they achieved that by deceiving you all? It is all just propaganda! The former Mohits crew came together to perform last year, it doesn’t mean their differences are behind them or that they would become all jolly molly.

But ask yourself, if Wizkid and Davido do become friends, would twitter still be as much fun? Who else is going to go all the way to Dubai to fight and shame us?


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