Characters In Casanova “Gripped Up” Video Were Aggresive

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Characters In Casanova "Gripped Up" Video Were Aggresive

Characters In Casanova “Gripped Up” Video Were Aggresive

Casanova, finally free of his long-running beef with Tekashi 6ix9ine, is finally free to direct his aggression elsewhere, and in his new video for “Gripped Up,” he’s got everybody in his sights.

This video was created with one purpose only, to make Casanova appear as threatening as possible. He’s pictured cruising down the street with his semi at the ready, posted up with his squad in a warehouse with questionable lighting, and wielding chainsaws.

He and his friends even move a couple bodies across town in a hearse, which is honestly a little too obvious for trying to move a corpse. If you’re not already scared of Casanova, watch his new video for “Gripped Up” and then reevaluate your image of him.

Check it out.

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