Anderson .Paak Dropping Dr. Dre’s Produced Banger Today

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Anderson .Paak Dropping Dr. Dre's Produced Banger Today

Anderson .Paak Dropping Dr. Dre’s Produced Banger Today

Anderson .Paak Dropping Dr. Dre’s Produced Banger Today: Anderson .Paak is likely sitting on one of 2018’s most pristine albums, the simply titled Oxnard. While .Paak stands among the most refined young songwriters of his class, his prestige is bolstered by a working partnership with the legendary Dr. Dre. Already one of hip-hop’s greatest sound engineers, Dre has (and this goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway) played his part in crafting a near-endless supply of bangers. Now, it would appear the good Doctor has once again flexed his production acumen, teaming up with Mell Beets to lay the foundation for Anderson .Paak’s new single.

The track, “Who R U,” is set to drop today at 12PM, Eastern Time. Andy took to Instagram to preview the single, bringing his dancing chops to a local train station. The track itself seems to be heavily percussive, with a futuristic take on the tried and true Dre formula, brought to life via creeping, mischievous synths. On a good system, “Who R U” will likely bring utter ruin upon our houses, and I know the sonic nerds among us can’t wait to hear a Dre-mixed record once again.

Salute to Anderson .Paak for this one.

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