Fake Canadian Job Offer: How To Spot One

Canadian economy is a robust, trillion-dollar economy. This prospect is exciting for job seekers who wish to relocate to Canada. The world-class urban cities and seamless assimilation of immigrants into the Canadian community is an endearing feat for immigrants.

Is a dream come true working in Canada for most immigrants, but over-time fraudsters posing as employment agencies or employers dupe thousands of unsuspecting victims through bogus employment scams. The scheme of these scammers is to steal your personal or banking information to be used for nefarious activities online.

Most time these fraudsters steal information from unsuspecting individual or company and use the information as a front to defraud prospective foreign job seekers thousands of dollars.

Employment scam is on a worrisome trend, giving the Canadian citizens and government grave concern. The good and trusted names of Canadians are soiled by fraudsters using the individual information as a front for their nefarious activities.

Spotting employment scam is tricky, but when you pay closer attention to the offer and terms of employment you can smell a rat miles away.

Desperation from job seekers is one feature fraudsters rely on to carry out their scam. Most prospective job seekers would pledge to do anything just to come over to Canada, where the grass is greener.

These few tips would help you spot and differentiate an employment scam.

Trust Your Guts: Trust your gut feeling, if you feel uncomfortable about a job offer you received, and your gut feeling is yelling ‘run,’ simply obey the command.

If you receive a job offer, and your personal information is requested, for a job you did not apply for, instinctively this should count as a red flag. Instances like this, you should listen and trust your guts.

When You Are Asked To Send Some Money: Frustrated foreign job seekers, often fall to the gimmicks of fraudsters who promise them a genuine employment offer.

As part of their elaborate scheme, fraudsters would pose as a company representative to conduct a phone interview, hence falsifying the job offer, company’s website and other relevant information to look real and convincing. At this stage, the fraudsters would ask for payment to procure certain government contracts including a positive Labour Market Impact Assessments and visa processing fees.

Beware Of Bogus Job Offers: When you receive an incredible job offer with enticing bonuses, like free visa, work permit and accommodation. Most fraudsters have perfected the art of cloning and using genuine individual and company’s information for their nefarious activities. Always make extensive research to ascertain the validity of the job offer, Google or other relevant search engines can provide comprehensive information about the company or job offer offered. By visiting the company’s website, you would know if they are currently recruiting and the job information and recruitment would be displayed on the company’s website.


Fraudsters use deception to lure unsuspecting victims by promising bogus job offers, and bonuses, Canada is a unique place to live and work, prospective job seekers jump at the offer of coming to Canada without confirming the validity of the offer.

The Canadian government in a bid to curb the menace of employment scam offer advise for foreign job seekers to carefully investigate any job offer, travel arrangements or any business proposal before sending any money.

The following tips would help you deal with suspected employment scams:

  • Watch out for job offers/messages from corporate bodies with poorly written grammar.
  • Never in any circumstance disclose your banking information to anyone.
  • Canada has a comprehensive database where you can get relevant information about professional (doctor, member of the police force lawyer.) Verify the contact’s information by tweaking your search query.
  • Any request for money should be treated with the utmost suspicion.
  • When your contact claims your information was given by someone you do not know, be wary.

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