5 High Paying Jobs In Toronto

5 High Paying Jobs In Toronto

Toronto happens to be the largest city in Canada and home to over 2.7 million people, with over 40% of the population bearing immigrant status.

With a vast majority of people from diverse background and skills, Toronto is one of the most diverse cities in the world. In 2018 Canadian economy growth was tremendous with over 400,000 jobs added.

In this article we will discuss the top five high paying jobs in Toronto.

Software Engineering Manager: Toronto offers one of the largest markets for technology, with the creation of new tech-focused jobs employing over 240,000 tech workers. This has attracted multi-national technology companies like Oracle, Shopify, Cisco, Microsoft and Google. This has created a high demand for tech talent. A degree in computer science and cybersecurity and required experience is what employers want and need.
The annual salary of a Software Engineering Manager is $110,930 CAD.

Language Translator: Toronto is one of the most diverse cities in the world, with over 140 dialects spoken. If you are bilingual, Toronto offers enormous opportunities for your skill set. Most big corporations in Toronto employ the services of translator to cater for the needs of their teeming clients.

Translators in Toronto earn an annual salary of over $50,000 CAD

Construction Manager: Construction managers are instrumental to the building process, overseeing construction projects and allocation of resources and personnel. They also review architectural blueprints, determine the building material and ensure the smooth success of the building project.

Once you have the required certification and experience as a Construction Manager, your expected annual salary is around $105,000 CAD.

Investment Manager: Aside from being one of the largest markets for technology, Toronto is also one of the largest financial centres in Canada employing more than 200,000 financial workers. Toronto is home to some of the country’s largest financial institutions including Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, Aviva Canada, Royal Bank of Canada, Manulife Financial, Sun Life Financial.

With the right qualification and experience, Investment manager annual salary is around $95,915 CAD.

Real Estate Agent: Real estate agents facilitate the sale or purchase of property, and also review property value to determine the price for buying or selling. They earn enormously on commision based on sale of the property. However, to becoming a real estate in Toronto requires certification. Real estate brokerage offers training on how to properly sell property. They earn around $125,000 CAD anually.

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