Soulja Boy Instigating Beef With Chris Brown Over Karrueche Photo

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Soulja Boy and Chris Brown are taking shots at each other, after the former ‘Liked’ a photo of Karrueche on Instagram.

Soulja Boy has been keeping his name in the news cycle these days. The rapper closed out 2016 with a bang, namely, an arrest, a beef with Quavo, a beef with Lil Yachty and a beef with Shia LaBeouf. The latest artist to get beef with Soulja is Chris Brown. Is he doing too much?

Soulja Boy’s drama with Chris Brown began when the rapper posted a series of heart eye emojis on one of Karrueche’s Instagram photos (screenshot below). According to Soulja, this was enough to get Breezy heated. Soulja hopped on twitter to put Chris Brown on blast, claiming the r’n’b singer called him up to give him shit for liking Karrueche’s photo.

He wrote on twitter, “Chris brown just called me and said he wanna fight me because I liked @karrueche picture on Instagram this nigga a bitch.” Adding after, “Aye @chrisbrown pull up nigga I’ll knock yo Bitch Ass out stop snorting so much coke nigga. FRUITS.” The tweets didn’t end there, Soulja Boy had a field day, continuing to tweet at Chris, “That nigga @chrisbrown better not tweet shit with his pussy ass. He called my phone trippin so now I’m trippin Fuck nigga. Fruits!” While he was going in on twitter, he also sent some kissy-face emojis Karrueche’s way.

Breezy didn’t exactly sit idly by during all of this. The singer took to Instagram to publicly address Soulja in a video, and also addressed the “beef” in his Instagram comments. “This is the funniest shit ever, seriously now,” he wrote, “This nigga has an imaginary beef then act like I called him!!!! NEVER HAPPENED! Let me let the cat out of the bag for all the readers…I commented on her pics for this fact only: SO THAT NO MATTER HOW STUPID I LOOK, SHE WOULD FEEL POPPIN. I HAVE THE MEANS AND CONNECTIONS TO CONTACT HER. Y’all soaked it up. I LOVE IT.”

The two continue to take jabs at each other on Instagram and beyond. Take a look at all the various social media interactions that have built up this beef thus far below.


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